Yappr the new Quiz and Study site

Few days back during my exam time i was searching for some good online tutorial site where i could learn as well as practice my skills. I stumbled on to yappr, it helped me a lot during my exam time, I also shared it with my friends and so now i thought i should share it with everyone.

Yappr (www.yappr.com) is basically a tutorial, study and quiz site. It is a new player in town with full of useful contents and features. Although its a newly launched website but it has a huge database of  study materials on different topics for students of all ages.

Over there not only you can take part in a particular quiz like every other mundane websites, but you can also create quiz sets and challenge your friends and brush up your skills in the process. If you don’t like a particular question yappr lets you edit it yourself or alternately you can notify them or just put a feedback comment.

I recently registered over there and even created few sets of true/false and multiple choice questions and it was really fun. The site is smooth and interactive and very much user friendly. So whether you are a junior high school student or a college goer, yappr has something for everyone.
Visit www.yappr.com to explore their world. In my opinion although its a new website but its surely here to stay…